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The Lowdown on Banana and Bamboo Yarns

Bamboo brings many additional benefits to the carpet. In fact, bamboo fibre has natural anti-bacterial and humidity regulating properties and when turned into carpet yarn, it is exceptionally soft to the touch. Bamboo carpets are an environmentally friendly choice and are ideal for use in sustainable buildings. Thanks to Bamboo, the carpet is easy to maintain, resilient and also exceptionally comfortable underfoot. The uniform round surface of the fibre makes it very smooth and this gives Bamboo a soft feel for the very best in underfoot comfort. Bamboo's uniformly round fibre gives the carpet a beautiful silky soft look. 

The unique quality of the banana rug or carpet is that it has a look and feel that is very similar to silk but with a loose, casual touch that is not as refined as silk. The durability of the banana fibre is similar to that of silk. It can be woven into any patterns, but looks fantastic in a solid colour that highlights the beautiful texture and natural sheen. Since it is similar to silk, it has a very luxurious quality that makes it feel expensive while being considerably less expensive than silk.This is an exciting new fibre that is not only eco friendly but beautiful to the senses. It is rare to find a new design material that covers all these important criteria. For this reason we are very excited to introduce our banana rugs and carpets!

Posted on 09.11.18
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Posted on 27.11.17
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